Seasick, Yet Still Docked

Marisa, 15, I play guitar a little too much, I'm into art and photography, collecting records, and I really adore The Smiths, Joy Division, and many many other great groups. This blog consists of great music, Morrissey, and anything that I find amazing. so feel free to follow and don't ever hesitate to leave me a message or a question, I don't bite ... At least I think.





im allergic to penicillin
this is me every time i go to the doctor.
she forgets everytime.

gotta love your nurses, people.

I think there’s a Facebook group that made t-shirts along the lines of “Be kind to nurses. They keep doctors from killing you.” My mom was a nurse for over 40 years.

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Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright - Bob Dylan

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For John’s 21st birthday , he was given a substantial monetary gift from his aunt. Hearing from Stu that Jurgen Vollmer would be in Paris; John and Paul (with John’s money) decided to take a two week trip to Paris and see Jurgen(in about 1961).

It is alleged that during this trip that Jurgen finally persuaded John to style his hair in the style that would become known as the “Beatle cut.”

Photographers: John, Paul, Jurgen(?)

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when someone u dislike compliments uimage

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my bloody valentine - when you sleep

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